In a shocking report released over the past few days, it was found out that Apple actually sends out Siri voice conversations to human contractors outside the company for them to analyze and improve. This includes conversations wherein the users ask questions, searches music, calls someone, or search something on the internet through the Siri feature, the company’s voice assistant.

The Issues

Many have expressed their concern regarding the absence of the feature to opt-out of the voice service. This presents a problem wherein even those that are accidentally recorded, unknown to the cellphone owner, might be outsourced to these human contractors.

However, an employee raises its fear in working with Apple during his time in analyzing Siri-Owner conversation. He shared that he acquired very sensitive information from analyzing which includes conversations where people users are sharing personal information such as home address and medical information. It also included recordings where users are being intimate or where there are business transactions. As such, many are concerned over their personal information being jeopardized.

The Response

Regarding the confidential request, Apple responded that the employees that do the grading do not acquire any information from the source of these recordings. This means that Apple ID’s are not included in what is sent out. However, due to the negative media effect, Apple has altogether put a halt to this action. By August, Apple heard the concerns of the people and took down the contractors who listen, analyze and make services from request. The system was suspended word wide.

They have also expressed that they are currently in the works to provide a feature which enables users to opt-out of the service, which competitors such as Google and Amazon already have. But many remain to be concerned about their privacy when using the application. That is why it is best to remain cautious when using electronic devices.